Super Bowl Collectibles

The National Football League is America's Sport, and the Super Bowl is the pinnacle of every NFL season. Every year the Super Bowl becomes the most watched show in the history of television. The "Big Game" doesn't do anything small, there is an incredible marketing machine that produces an incredible amount of paraphernalia and products. For Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014 the NFL seized over $20 million in counterfeit items in the week leading to the Super Bowl, so you can only imagine what the amount of licensed products are.

We are making every effort to create a database of the most collectible of these items and try our best to determine what they may be worth. Obviously items produced in limited quantities (tickets and programs) and those items used in games (footballs) or given to the players (rings and pins) are most valuable, with the early Super Bowl items driving a premium.

Please use the links above to check out the collection, use the "Super Bowls" link to see every item for a particular Super Bowl or the other links to view by Collectible type. If a price is hyperlinked clicking on it will bring you to an auction or price guide. Clicking on an image will bring you to numerous images and also current EBay auctions for that item. To date we have cataloged:

  • 339 Super Bowl Ticket Varieties (At the Stadium)
  • 209 Super Bowl Programs and Guides (At the Stadium)
  • 47 Super Bowl Cushions (At the Stadium)
  • 120 Super Bowl Footballs (On the Field)
  • 89 Super Bowl Passes (On the Field)
  • 92 Super Bowl Rings and Jewelry Items (On the Players)
  • 563 Super Bowl Pins (On the Players)
  • 112 Super Bowl Hats and Helmets (On the Fan)
  • 53 Super Bowl Clothing Items (On the Fan)
  • 522 Super Bowl Pennants (On the Fan)
  • 140 Super Bowl Patches (On the Fan)
  • 26 Super Bowl Glassware (Miscellaneous)
  • 66 Super Bowl Card Sets (Miscellaneous)
  • 252 Super Bowl Miscellaneous Items (Miscellaneous)
  • That is a total of 2630 Super Bowl items and we are adding more every day! If you have a collection you would like highlighted or an item we haven't cataloged yet, please send an email to with a description and any photos and we will happily add it to our database. Thank you for stopping buy and enjoy this virtual history of the Super Bowl.

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